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Theology Thursday LogoStevo and Teo in the AM open the studio to pastors Brian Nixon and Jarrett Petero to dig deeper into the biblical and theological questions you want the answers to. Whether it’s creation, the origin of sin, or the doctrines of faith, if you think it’s important, we’ll get to the bottom of it. Post your question on Facebook, email the studio, or give us a call at 505.338.3700. Tune in for Theology Thursday, Thursdays at 9 am on Star 88.



Below are the episodes from the podcast.

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  4/23/2015 Theology Thursday: 04/23/2015: Eschatology 101
After a listener emails in a question about differing theological views on the rapture, The TT squad decides to tackle a Theology Thursday focus on Eschatology. Listen in as Pastors Brian Nixon and Jarrett Petero school Stevo and Teo in the arts and sciences of the end times. Resources Referenced: "The Final Act" by Chuck Smith "Blood Moons Rising" by Mark Hitchcock "From God to Us" by Norman Geisler "God's Inerrant Word" by John Warwick Montgomery
  4/16/2015 Theology Thursday: 04/16/2015: The Actual Location of Heaven, Raising Kids As Jesus Would, Beers and Bible Study, and the Human Soul
It's back again! Pastors Brian Nixon and Jarrett Petero join Stevo and Teo in the AM for Star 88's Theology Thursday! Today we have some great discussion on an assortment of topics, so buckle down and listen in. Resources Referenced: "Heaven" by Randy Alcorn "The Soul: How We Know It's Real and Why It Matters" by J.P. Moreland
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  4/9/2015 Theology Thursday: 04/09/2015: Dr. Steven Collins and the Search for the Real Sodom
Today we've got Dr. Steven Collins in for our first edition of Theology Thursday on the all-new Star88! Listen in as Dr. Collins, Pastors Brian Nixon and Jarrett Petero, and of course Stevo and Teo discuss the actual archeological evidence concerning Sodom.
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  4/2/2015 Theology Thursday 04/02/105: A Discussion With Dr. John C. Lennox
This is the best Theology Thursday ever. 'Nuff said. -matteo Resources Referenced: All of Dr. Lennox's books and debates. 'Nuff said.
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  3/19/2015 Theology Thursday: 03/19/2015: The Unpardonable Sin, Calvinism, Christopher Hitchens, and Legal Marijuana
Hope you're ready for a great discussion during Theology Thursday today! Pastors Brian Nixon and Jarrett Petero tackle a few great questions about predestination, legal marijuana, and the new athiesm. Check it out! Resources Referenced: "God is Not Great" by Christopher Hitchens Debate between William Lane Craig and Christopher Hitchens Transcript: "Is God Great? - A Debate with Christopher Hitchens and John Lennox" Alistair McGrath and Christopher Hitchens Debate:
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  3/5/2015 Theology Thursday 03/05/2015: Jarrett's Trip to the Middle East and the Inerrancy of Scripture
Today we continue the discussion started last week on the inerrancy of Scripture and Scriptural authority, and we also get a little recap from Jarrett's trip with Pastor Skip (rhyme) and Reload Love to the Middle East. Listen in for some good stuff. Resources Referenced: "Defending Inerrancy" by Norman Geisler "Can We Still Believe the Bible?" by Craig Bloomberg
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  2/26/2015 Theology Thursday 02/26/2015: Beginning the Discussion on "Biblicism"
Today Pastor Brian Nixon, Steveo and Matteo take the Theology Thursday Focus back to Bibliology and talk a little bit about "biblicism." We also hear from our listeners and take some calls and email questions. Check it out guys and gals! Resources Referenced: "God, Freedom, and Evil" by Alvin Plantinga "If God, Why Evil?" by Norman Geisler
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  2/19/2015 Theology Thursday 02/19/2015: Ash Wednesday, The Da Vinci Code, More Controversial Comments from Rob Bell, and the Church and the Gay Community
It's time again for Theology Thursday! We talk about every single thing mentioned in the title of this podcast as well as Christology, which is our Theology Thursday Focus this week. Check it out! Resources Referenced: "The Case for Christ" by Lee Strobel "Know the Creeds and Counsels" by Justin Holcomb
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  2/12/2015 Theology Thursday 02/12/2015: Predestination, Tongues, The Serpant Seed Theory, and Katy Perry
Today is a really great Theology Thursday podcast and we're stoked you're listening! Today we cover a great range of topics and even have a Theology Thursday Focus on Bibliology. From predestination to Katy Perry receiving a word from the Lord, we cover it all. Check it out! Resources Referenced: "Charisma Vs. Charismania" by Chuck Smith "From God to Us" by Norman Geisler "The Canon of Scripture" by F.F. Bruce "Chosen But Free" by Norman Geisler
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  1/29/2015 Theology Thursday 01/29/2015: Alien Life, the Origin of Ethnicity, Cultural Filters on the Gospel, and the All-New Theology Thursday Focus
Hello again fellow theology-buffs! Today Pastors Brian Nixon and Jarrett Petero are back in the studio with Team Awesome Morning Party for a late January edition of Theology Thursday! We start off strong with some conversation on alien life and whether it can fit into a biblical-worldview (universe-view?), the origin of Ethnicity, cultural filters that we might not know we place on the Gospel, and we introduce a new segment within Theology Thursday! In Theology Thursday Focus, we take a closer look at the different categories of study within Theology, and we start today with a definition and discussion about Theology Proper. Check it out! Resources Referenced: Hugh Ross: "Knowing God" by J. I. Packer "God is Love" by Gerald Bray "Knowledge of the Holy" by A.W. Tozer Science: The Punnet Square :)
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  1/22/2015 Theology Thursday 01/22/2014: Gnostic Works, the
Today Theology Thursday goes deep into the history of the Bible as we discuss discrepancies, translations, and interpretative error. We also talk a little about the Gnostic movement throughout history and the question of those books belonging in the Bible. Listen in as Pastors Brian Nixon and Jarrett Petero take calls and emails and answer some tough questions on the minds of many listeners. Resources Referenced: "How to Study the Bible and Enjoy It" by Skip Heitzig "The Canon of Scripture" by F.F. Bruce "From God to Us" by Norman Geisler "Journey From Texts to Translations" by Paul Wegner Also, check out this PDF written by our very own Dr. Brian Nixon giving more insight into different translations of the Bible!
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  1/15/2015 Theology Thursday 01/15/2015: Repentance and Forgiveness, Transgender People and the Fall, and Messianic Jew/ Christian Relationships
It's another Theology Thursday ready for you! Today we cover a huge range of topics, including depression, transgender lifestyles, forgiveness and repentance (and which must come first), and even a family struggling with tension because Messianic Jewish and Christian practices and their differences. Put your thinking cap on and let Pastors Brian Nixon and Jarrett Petero take you on a theological journey!
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  1/8/2015 Theology Thursday 01/08/2015: A Gamut of Topics to Kick-Off the New Year!
Welcome to 2015, Theology Thursday listener! Today, Pastors Brian Nixon and Jarrett Petero help Matteo and DJBossman Dan (Stevo is on vacation) get through a great heap of listener questions and ideas! We've got questions of Mythological figures and their relation to the truth/Christ, the History Channel's take on the Ark of the Covenant and its possible nuclear characteristics/ alien origin, a viral video naming a certain energy drink brand as the mark of the beast, and even a question about Christianity and marijuana use. Lots of direct scripture references and personal stories help move the conversation along, so listen in!
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  12/18/2014 Theology Thursday 12/18/2014: The Theological Implications of the Sony Hack, the Bema Seat, and Humility
It's time for the final Theology Thursday of the year! Pastors Brian Nixon and Jarret Petero and even Stevo and Matteo get in on the game today! We have a fascinating discussion on fear culture, humility, the eternality of God, Preterism, Gap Theory, and more! Listen in for a solid show that caps off the year nicely! Resources Referenced: "Contending with Christianity's Critics" by William Lane Craig "God is Good, God is Great" by William Lane Craig & Chad Meister "The Devil's Delusion" by David Berlinski (and more!)
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  12/11/2014 Theology Thursday 12/11/2014: A Discussion with Nathan Foster; Author.
It's time for another edition of Theology Thursday, and today is a treat because both Pastors Brian Nixon AND Jarrett Petero are out and Stevo and Matteo are left to try to save this sinking ship. Luckily, author Nathan Foster calls in to tell us all about his new book, "The Making of an Ordinary Saint: My Journey From Frustration to Joy with the Spiritual Disciplines!" Nathan Foster is an associate professor of social work and theology at Spring Arbor University, and is the son of Richard J. Foster, theologian and author of the now-classic "Celebration of Discipline." Don't miss this great conversation!
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  12/4/2014 Theology Thursday 12/04/2014: Miracles in Modern Times
A recent story about a Christian family trying to pray a deceased relative back to life (while hiding the body for at least 6 months) spurs a great discussion about miracles, healing, and things of that nature. Listen in as Pastors Brian Nixon and Jarrett Petero, along with Stevo and Matteo, tackle the sensitive topics of death, life, the role of faith in miracles. Does God still show up miraculously, or was that specifically meant for the time of the early church? Resources referenced: "Miracles" by C.S. Lewis "Miracles" by Eric Metaxes "In Defense of Miracles" by Douglas Geivett
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  11/20/2014 Theology Thursday 11/20/2014: Christian History 101 with Jean-Pierre Isbouts
Yes! We're back with another fresh edition of Theology Thursday, as Stevo, Matteo, and Dr. Brian Nixon welcome guest and notable National Geographic historian Jean-Pierre Isbouts to tell us about his new book, "The Story of Christianity." If you're into church history at all, today is FOR YOU. If you're not, listen until the end gets pretty inspiring.
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  11/6/2014 Theology Thursday 11/06/2014: Flu Shots, Witchcraft, Eschatology, and More
Another podcast is here with a full hour of talk of the theological variety on this edition of Theology Thursday, featuring Pastors Brian Nixon and Jarret Petero, as well and resident knuckle-heads Stevo and Matteo from Team Awesome Morning Party! Today we delve into spiritism and magic, different eschatological views of the church, horoscopes and paganism, and even flu shots. Yes, flu shots. Listen in! Resources Referenced: "The Case for Christ" by Lee Strobel "Conviction with Compromise" by Norman Geisler
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  10/30/2014 Theology Thursday 10/30/2014: Death, the Pope "okays" evolution, and Lights and Sounds in Church
Welcome to another Theology Thursday podcast! Today Pastors Brian Nixon and Pastors Jarrett Petero discuss some theology with Matteo and DJBossman Dan (Stevo is on vacation). We discuss death (it is Halloween, you know), the Pope's recent stance on Evolution, proper methods of attracting outsiders when it comes to worship, and writing books geared toward a mainstream audience if you're a Christian. It's a rich discussion, so check it out!
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  10/23/2014 Theology Thursday 10/23/2014: The Place of the Arts in Christianity and Questions about Spiritual Gifting
Welcome back, Theology Thursday podcasting friend! Today is all about the place of arts in Christianity as well as spiritual gifting and it's place in modern times. Today's a super interesting convo, and Pastor Brian Nixon drops some knowledge for Stevo and Matteo to chew on. Pastor Jarrett Petero isn't here, but that doesn't stop the boys, so listen in! Resources Referenced: "Art and the Bible" by Francis Schaeffer "Imagine" and "Popcultured" by Steve Turner and more!
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  10/16/2014 Theology Thursday 10/16/2014: Supoenas for Sermons and Loving Others
It's time for Theology Thursday, peeps! Today our beloved pastor Brian Nixon is out, but Stevo, Matteo, and Pastor Jarrett Petero take on a legal case out of Houston, TX making headlines involving a mayor that has issued subpoenas to area pastors for sermons in the name of an equal rights program that's been getting flack recently. It's a conversation worth listening to, so try it out.
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  10/9/2014 Theology Thursday 10/09/2014: Dying with Dignity
Today for Theology Thursday, the guys tackle the headline making story of Brittany Maynard, the 29 year old woman who has decided to "die with dignity." We discuss the theological, social, and cultural ramifications of this kind of thing....and man, it's a heavy, thought-provoking discussion for christians and non-christians alike. Check it out. Resources Referenced: "Christian Ethics: Contemporary Issues and Options" by Norman Geisler "The Problem of Pain" and "A Grief Observed" by C.S. Lewis Read Brittany's letter here: Read a response from another person suffering from debilitating cancer Kara Tippetts here:
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  10/2/2014 Theology Thursday 10/02/2014: A Special Sharathon Edition with Dr. Steven Collins and Dr. Joseph Holden
Awesome guys! Today is day 2 of the Fall Static Sharathon, and we welcome Doctors Steven Collins and Joseph Holden into our broadcast today to tell us all about the verifiability of Biblical Archaeology! It's a great time, so listen in to hear from some ACTUAL experts! Check out their websites: and
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  9/25/2014 Theology Thursday 09/25/2014: The Historicity of Jesus
Hey guys, welcome back to the Theology Thursday podcast! Today, Stevo and Matteo from Team Awesome Morning Party and Pastors Brian Nixon and Jarrett Petero take a look at the historicity of Jesus, not only from the Bible itself but mostly from non-biblical sources. Listen in! Resources Referenced include: "If God, Why Evil?" by Norman Geisler "The Wrong Jesus" by Greg Monette "The Case for Christ" by Lee Strobel "The Historical Jesus" by Gary Habermas Also, check out this article: by William Lane Craig
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  9/18/2014 Theology Thursday 09/18/2014: In Defense
When: Starts Monday 10/13/2014 7:00:00 PM - Ends Wednesday 10/15/2014 8:30:00 PM Where: Calvary Nob Hill & Calvary Albuquerque Come listen to and engage with international lawyer and modern philosopher Dr. John Warwick Montgomery at Calvary Nob Hill in the Lobo Theater. Dr. Montgomery is considered by many to be the foremost living apologist for biblical Christianity. On Monday, October 13, at 7 pm, learn about the "Historical Case for Jesus." On Tuesday, October 14, at 7 pm, Dr. Montgomery presents a "Lawyer's Defense of Christianity." Then come to Expound at Calvary Albuquerque on Wednesday, October 15, at 7 pm as he answers the question, "Can We Trust the Bible?" The author of more than forty books in five languages, he holds ten degrees and is internationally regarded both as a theologian and as a lawyer.
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  9/4/2014 Theology Thursday 09/04/2014: The Hell Podcast
I wanted to entitle today's podcast as "One Hell of a Podcast," but I knew people would probably get offended. Instead, I decided to write it here in the description because I thought people would be less offended for some reason. (You can send your concerned/hate/fan mail to if you feel so inclined.) Anyway, today we discuss the more prolific few of the many (yes, there are many) views on Hell and eternity, or "eternality" as BNix would say. Resources referenced include: "Erasing Hell" by Francis Chan "Love Wins" by Rob Bell "Sense and Nonsense About Heaven and Hell" by Kenneth Boa
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  8/28/2014 Theology Thursday 08/28/2014: Donatist Controversy, Diocletian Persecution, Nature, and Generation Z
On today's episode of Theology Thursday, Pastor Brian Nixon captivated our attention with the Donatist Controversy, Diocletian persecution, the idea that this world is actually just a hologram, and using science as proof of God's creation. Here are some resources that Pastor Brian Nixon gives out: Hugh Ross - Beyond the Cosmos, Dr. Henry Morris, Dr. Garry Parker, Dr. AE Wilder Smith, Francis Collins, Michael Behe, Steven Meyers - Signature in the Cell, William Demske
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  8/21/2014 Theology Thursday 08/21/2014: Animal Cruelty, The Implications of the Fall, and a Whole Lot More
It's another great Theology Thursday today as we discuss a variety of topics! Pastors Brian Nixon and Jarrett Petero delve into animal cruelty issues, the question of whether or not the devil was actually a snake, and more. Check it out! A few resources are referenced, so listen closely and do what you can to learn!
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  8/14/2014 Theology Thursday 08/14/2014: The Spiritual Implications of Depression and Suicide
In the wake of the tragic suicide of Robin Williams, Pastors Brian Nixon and Jarrett Petero (along with Stevo and Matteo) spend most of today's podcast discussing depression and suicide and the many spiritual questions that can rise up in relation to the two.
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  8/7/2014 Theology Thursday 08/07/2014: The Gungor Controversy and Biblical Interpretation
Theology Thursday is back and ready for an intense discussion on Biblical Interpretation and the recent comments of Michael Gungor from the band Gungor. Pastors Brian Nixon and Jarrett Petero provide incredible insight into the issue and try diligently to help Stevo and Matteo walk along with them through this crazy train of ...words. Check it out! Resources Referenced: Gungor's blog: Original article from Oakland Press: Recent Articles from Christian News Sources:
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  7/31/2014 Theology Thursday 07/31/2014: The Realibility of the Canonization of Scripture
Thursday means one thing to you, faithful Theology Thursday podcast listener, and today that one thing is that we have a brand spanking new edition of Theology Thursday just for you! Today Pastor Brian Nixon and Team Awesome Morning Party spend the entire hour on a discussion of the canonization of the Bible. Were the dudes that made the calls reliable? Were they politically motivated? How do we even know we can trust in the Bible if it was compiled by a bunch of regular old guys? Listen in and hear some church history, friend. Resources Referenced: "The Canon of Scripture" by F.F. Bruce "From God to Us" by Norman Geisler
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  7/24/2014 Theology Thursday 07/24/2014: Wars and Rumours of War
Welcome back to the theologically nerdy corner of Static Radio, Theology Thursday! Pastors Brain Nixon and Jarrett Petero bust out the heavy artillery as they (along with Stevo and Matteo) discuss the topic of war. What are the four christian perspectives of war? You'll find out. Prepare for a very thought provoking discussion. Resources Referenced: "Renaissance" by Os Guiness
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  7/10/2014 Theology Thursday 07/10/2014: Persecution and Politics
Welcome back again, faithful friends! It's time for another jam-packed edition of Theology Thursday with Stevo and Matteo and our very special guest Pastor Brian Nixon. Pastor Jarrett Petero is away at a conference, so this theological version of the three amigos tackles some pretty divisive "hot-button" topics: Persecution and Christianity in the Political Sphere. Get ready for some thinking! Resources Referenced (and not referenced but recommended): "Tortured for Christ" by Richard Wurmbrand "The Hiding Place" by Corrie Ten Boom "Simply Jesus" by NT Wright "Issues Facing Christians Today" and "Christ in Conflict" by John Stott "The Global Public Square" by Os Guinness and more! Also, here's the Relevant Magazine that BNix references:
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  7/3/2014 Theology Thursday 07/02/2014: Transdimensionality, The Death of Death, Celebrity Pastors and Biblical Pastors, and Pain in Heaven
Oh yes! It's time for another edition of Theology Thursday and today we dive into some very dense and sweet topics that involve....theoretical science!?!?! That's right! Transdimensionality, a few scientists' efforts to reverse the cellular process (and basically kill death), The glorified body of Christ, and more! We also discuss faith as a gift, some recent controversies with celebrity pastor types and ways the church can constructively handle those situations, and more, so check it out! Some resources referenced include: "Heaven" by Randy Alcorn "Beyond the Cosmos" by Hugh Ross
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  6/26/2014 Theology Thursday 06/26/2014: Saints, Angels, and Prayer
Welcome to Theology Thursday! Today Pastor Jarrett Petero is sick, but luckily Pastor Brian Nixon is still able to show up (despite his very unusual pre-World Cup "traditions") to help your boys Stevo and Matteo navigate a discussion about Saints. Is it wrong to pray to them? Is it just a Catholic thing? Do Protestants have any common threads? Tune in for a great discussion!
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  6/19/2014 Theology Thursday 06/19/2014: The Problem of Evil
Today's Theology Thursday is actually dedicated to one topic (believe it or not!): The Problem of Evil. We hear from Gabe, Youth Pastor at Calvary Tohlakai and the fires raging in the Navajo Reservation around the church, providing an intro into the discussion of evil. Can an all knowing, loving, good God logically exist within a world of evil? Did God create evil? Listen to the discussion on these questions and more as Pastors Brian Nixon and Jarrett Petero and Team Awesome Morning Party get into the thick of it. Resources Referenced: "On Guard: Defending Your Faith with Reason and Precision" by William Lane Craig "Evil and the Justice of God" by N.T. Wright "If God, Why Evil?" by Norman Geisler
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  6/12/2014 Theology Thursday 06/12/2014: Molonism, Baptism for the Dead, and Sleep Laws (or Lack Thereof.)
Today we talk about many things in Theology Thursday, including (but not limited to): Molonism (Calvinism & Arminianism) Praying for Others to Accept Christ Sleep and the Bible Attending a Homosexual Wedding The "Snake" in the Garden Baptism for the Dead (No specific books are referenced for resources, but listen in to hear more!)
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  5/29/2014 Theology Thursday 05/29/2014: God's Omnipotence, The Language of Christ, Apologetics, and Mormonism
Today's Theology Thursday focuses on a variety of topics, and Pastors Brian Nixon and Jarrett Petero lend a helping hand to the boys in Team Awesome Morning Party as they try to get involved in the conversation. Resources Referenced: "Reasoning from the Scriptures" by Ron Rhodes "When Critics Ask" and "When Skeptics Ask" by Norman Geisler
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  5/22/2014 Theology Thursday 05/22/2014: Ethics, Charismatic Churches, Heresy, and Bart Ehrman's New Book
Theology Thursday is your favorite thing and you like it so much that it's the best! Welcome back to another solid edition of this here show, wherein we speak with Pastors Brian Nixon and Jarrett Petero about all things theological. Today we discuss a bevy of topics and really get some good insight. Check it out! Resources Referenced: "Charisma vs. Charismania" by Chuck Smith "The Hiding Place" by Corrie Ten Boom "Ethics" by Norman Geisler "How Jesus Became God" by Bart Ehrma "How God Became Jesus : The Real Origins of Belief in Jesus' Divine Nature---A Response to Bart Ehrman" - Various "Heresy" by Allister McGrath
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  5/15/2014 Theology Thursday 05/15/2014: Foul Language, Twitter Rants, and Cultural Relativism. And Robots.
Behind the curtain, there is a wizard. That wizard is named Theology Thursday, and he needs you to listen to today's podcast. (He also needs a new "branding agent.") Today, our resident nincompoops (Stevo and Matteo) get learned on by Pastors Brian "the Brain" Nixon and Jarrett "the Heart" Petero in matters of relativism, robots, agendas, language, and even twitter. Check it, mane! Resources Referenced: "Relativism: Feet Firmly Planted in Mid-Air" by Francis J. Beckwith & Gregory Koukl "Time for Truth: Living Free in a World of Lies, Hype & Spin" by Os Guinness "The Bible" :)
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  5/8/2014 Theology Thursday 05/08/2014: Faux-Modernism, The Holy Spirit, Rick Warren's Theology, Predestination, and 14 Bottles of Tequila.
Yes! Theology Thursday is back and comin' in strong with the whole gang in studio for today's segment. Pastors Brian Nixon and Jarrett Petero help Stevo and Matteo learn more and more about another slew of topics today, including The Holy Spirit, Replacement Theology, speaking in Tongues, Predestination, and the rise of Faux- or Psuedo-Modernism. Resources Referenced include: "Living Water" by Chuck Smith "Charisma vs. Charismania" by Chuck Smith "Romans" (the For Everyone Series) by N.T. Wright
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  5/1/2014 Theology Thursday 05/01/2014: A Day in the life of Dr. Steven Collins
Welcome back, true believers! It's time for another segment of Theology Thursday (smack-dab in the middle of the Static Sharathon!) with Stevo, Matteo, Pastor Jarret Petero (BNix couldn't be here today) and special guest Dr. Stephen Collins, the man who actually found the ancient city of Sodom!!! Listen in for a treasure trove of ancient patriarchal archeological knowledge and bad jokes.
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  4/24/2014 Theology Thursday 04/24/2014: Movies, Aliens, the Singularity, and How to Deal with a Minister's Fall
Stevo's out for today (pray for his son Brody, who is sick) so Mitch steps up to the plate to help out Matteo and Pastors Brian Nixon and Jarrett Petero with some swanky Theology Thursday action. Prepare for the boys to school you on Movies (Transcendence, Noah, Donnie Darko, and others), Ancient Alien theories, pagan rituals involving Easter, and how a the church is to approach a minister's fall from grace. Resources Referenced: "Popcultured" by Steve Turner "The Christian Mind" by Harry Blamires "Signature in the Cell" by Steven Meyers "The Language of God" by Francis S. Collins
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  4/17/2014 Theology Thursday 04/17/2014: The Return of the Theology Thursday Podcast
...And we're back! Last week's podcast went all 3rd letter to the Corinthians on us and was lost amidst a "server reset," but we're happy to report that things are back online and we're ready to talk about some Resurrection in celebration of Easter! Today Pastors Brian Nixon and Jarrett Petero school the boys in Team Awesome Morning Party on all things risen and pastel, and it's quite the golden egg, if you know what I mean. (whaa whaa whaaaa.) We discuss these themes within the Resurrection: 1. Timeline 2. Evidence a. Eye Witness Accounts b. Reliability of Scripture Accounts 3. More Scriptural Insight We also discuss the meaning of the "morning star" a bit, and the parallels and mistranslations of that term throughout church history. Check it out! Resources for ya: Daniel Wallace (many books on Resurrection) F.F. Bruce: "Canon of Scripiture" Paul D. Wegner: "The Journey from Texts to Translations" N.T. Wright: "Resurrection and the Son of God," "Surprised by Hope," "Simply Christian"
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  4/3/2014 Theology Thursday 04/03/2014: The Rapture, the Apocrypha, and the Book of Revelation (and More.)
Pastors Brian Nixon and Jarrett Petero are back and they are back with a vengeance! Join Team Awesome Morning Party and the two resident theologians as we get through a bunch of questions straight from you concerning the deeper side of things. Want some resources? Check them out: Revelation: "Things to Come" by Dwight Pentecost, "The Final Act" by Chuck Smith, "Revelation" by Skip Heitzig The Apocrypha: "The Canon of Scripture" by F.F. Bruce Creation Story Interpretations: "Did Adam and Eve Really Exist?" by John Collins Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit and its relation to Cults: "Living Water" by Chuck Smith, "Reasoning From the Scriptures with Mormons" by Ron Rhodes The World Vision Controversy: An Article on Homosexuality from Pastor Brian Nixon
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  3/13/2014 Theology Thursday 03/13/2014: Demonic Possesion, Secret Societies, and Encouragement for Those Who've Walked Away
Today on Theology Thursday things take a turn into spookier territory as we discuss demonic possession, the differences between said possession and temptation, the thin line walked by engaging culture with faith through culture, encouragement for those who have walked away, and even secret societies and things of the like. Want some resources that you can turn to? A great place to start is!
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  3/6/2014 Theology Thursday 03/06/2014: Noah, Church Attendance, Christian Perfectionism, The Increasing Role of Advanced Technology in our World, and More.
Welcome back folks! A new Thursday crests the Sandia Mountains and brings with it another riveting edition of Theology Thursday with resident scholars Pastor Brian Nixon and Jarrett Petero and resident buffoons Stevo and Matteo. Today we tackle quite a few different but nonetheless fascinating topics including: Noah (the movie and the biblical account) Resource: author Henry Morris Church Attendance Christian Perfectionism (positional vs. practical) Blasphemy (where does the line get drawn?) Technology/A.I. (where does THAT line get drawn?) Resource: Civil Unions/ Biblical stance on gender relations Resource: Agree,disagree, or just have a questions for the guys? Shoot it our way! Send us any questions or feedback to studio@mystaticradio and put Theology Thursday in the subject line. Booyah.
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  2/27/2014 Theology Thursday 02/27/2014: Discrepancies in the Bible, Camel Domestication, Biblical References to Homosexuality, and Snake Handling
Theology Thursday is back on this next to last day of February, and Stevo and Matteo welcome Pastors Brian Nixon and Jarrett Petero in to tackle more tough questions relating to all things Theological. Check it out, and here are some references and resources mentioned if you'd like to delve into the topics further: Biblical Discrepancies/ Contradictions: "When Critics Ask" & "When Skeptics Ask" by Norman Geisler (other topics are covered mostly by Scripture)
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  2/20/2014 Theology Thursday 02/20/2014: A Little Follow-up on Old Earth/New Earth Creationism, Discussing the Nephilim, Familial Protection under Christ, and Exactly When the Soul Enters the Body.
Today we cover a wide range of topics in Theology Thursday with our resident scholarly types (Pastors Brian Nixon and Jarrett Petero) and our resident knuckle-heads (Stevo and Matteo) including: When does a soul enter the body? Conception? Later? Resources: "Jesus, Friend of Children" by Skip Heitzig "Safe in the Arms of God" by John MacArthur Familial Protection/Blessing in Christ Follow-up on Old Earth vs. New Earth Creationism vs. Theistic Evolution Resources: Brian's "Larry the Fish" Example The Discovery Institute Research Authors: William Dembski, Phillip Johnson, "The Science of God: The Convergence of Scientific and Biblical Wisdom" by Gerald Schroeder "There is a God" by Antony Flew Resurrection (this topic will be covered in-depth in a future episode): Resources: "The Case for the Resurrection of Jesus" by Gary R. Habermas and Mike Liacona William Lane Craig N.T. Wright What the heck were the Nephilim? ..and more! Thanks so much for listening, and if you love the segment, tell your friends!
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  2/13/2014 Theology Thursday 02/13/2014: New Earth v. Old Earth v. Middle Earth v. Hollow Earth
Sadly, Gandalf and Mole Man weren't able to make the debate so we discuss new earth vs. old earth and why you should study this for yourself.
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  2/6/2014 Theology Thursday 02/06/2014: The Creation/Evolution Debate, The
This week Dr. Ken Hamm of Answers in Genesis debated world famous scientist Bill Nye (the Science Guy) about the viability of teaching creationism in our schools alongside the theory of evolution, and you know our boys Pastors Brian Nixon and Jarrett Petero are going to give their insights on the whole shebang. We discuss the question of God's will changing; Does He ever change His mind? We also cover translation issues and the hebrew world for "homosexuality." Resources Referenced: The Will of God / Translation of the Bible: "Bible Difficulties" - Norman Geisler "From God to Us" - Norman Geisler Creationism / Christian Evolutionism / Other: "Darwin's Doubt" - Stephen Meyer Authors: Henry Morris, Jay Richards from the Discovery Institute
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  1/30/2014 Theology Thursday 01/30/2014: Progressive Theology, Other Important (Denomination-Specific) Christian Books, Agnosticism, the Age of Accountability, and More.
It's time for another edition of Theology Thursday, and today Pastors Brian Nixon and Jarrett Petero help us navigate quite a few theological topics (8 different ones to be exact!) Can babies be saved? Is it right for a pastor and his congregation to be out getting drunk in bars or night clubs? Are Seventh-Day Adventists part of mainstream Christianity? We discuss these questions and more on today's podcast. Check it out! Resources Referenced: Progressive/ Process Theology: Authors: Norman Geisler, William Lane Craig, A.W. Tozer ("The Knowledge of the Holy") Denomination-Specific Important Books: The Book of Discipline (Methodist) The Calvary Chapel Distintives (Calvary Chapel) Salvation of Babies/Mentally Ill/Those Who Haven't Heard the Gospel: "From the Edge of Eternity" Skip Heitzig Seventh-Day Adventivists: "Kingdom of the Cults" by Walter Martin Agnosticism and Christianity: "The Case for Faith" by Lee Strobel "The Case for Christ" by Lee Strobel Islamic Law Article:
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  1/23/2014 Theology Thursday 01/23/2014: Free Will or Predeterminism, Especially Difficult Spiritual Warfare, and the Question of Other People Outside of the Garden of Eden
It's Theology Thursday again, and we open the show with one of the most consistent questions of the nature of God and it's relation to man's eternal destination: Do we have free choice? We also talk about spiritual warfare and how it can make us doubt our standing with the Lord, when sin becomes an intense craving that seems impossible to deny, and close out with a few thoughts on where Cain's wife came from. Prepare your thinking cap. Referenced resources include: Calvinism / Armenianism: "The Nature of Necessity" by Alvin Plantinga "A Reasonable Response" by William Land Craig and Joseph Gorra People Groups Outside of the Garden of Eden: "Science and the Bible" by Henry Morris
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  1/16/2014 Theology Thursday 01/16/2014: Speaking in Tongues, Legal Mary Jane, Divorce, and Consequences.
Welcome back to Theology Thursday, our weekly segment with Pastors Brian Nixon (affectionately called B-Nix around these parts) and Jarrett Petero (affectionately called Brad Pitt II around these parts) that digs deeper into the thick water of Theology. Today we approach topics including the legalization of Marijuana in Colorado, speaking in tongues, divorce, and whether or not God's plan changes for individuals throughout the course of a believer's life. Put on your thinking cap and let's get to it!
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  1/9/2014 Theology Thursday 01/09/2014: Our Inaugural Edition of Theology Thursday
Welcome to our new segment for 2014, Theology Thursday! We welcome Pastors Brian Nixon and Jarrett Petero to help out with some deep questions of the theological variety, so put your thinking caps on and get ready to dig deep!
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